The Genealogy of Rev. Richard A Jordan

Tradition is a wonderful thing, especially once you know what is behind it. Growing up I believed that I could be anything I wanted to be, and part of this was shaped by the stories I heard when the family gathered, there was pride and purpose in the stories that were told. They were stories of hard work and determination - hope promise and possibilities.

Grandpa O'Connell was quite proud of his family Coat of Arms, Grandma O'Connell & Auntie Alys told of New England roots and a connection with John Adams. Sadly I know little about the O'Connell family tree, and there is no one I know left to ask.

Grandpa Jordan wrote a short family history that spoke of a connection to Abraham Lincoln & Daniel Boone, and his forbears who served in the Civil War. One of the individuals whose family connection I have not been able to trace, is Colonel S. W. Jordan, who was a colorful figure in the Texas War of Independence, I am hoping some cousin might be able to enlighten me as to his genealogy, as I have been told he is a relation.

As a Pastor I have an obligation to remember & remind what the Bible has to say about Genealogy:

1 Timothy 1:3-4 As I urged you ... that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine, nor to occupy themselves with myths and endless genealogies which promote speculations rather than the divine training that is in faith;

I have found that genealogies are indeed endless, there is much speculation, and it can occupy time that would perhaps be better spent in sharing the truth about Jesus Christ, our Savior. Yet understanding where we came from and the events of time past, can help us to understand who we are. One of the fruitful things I have learned is that there is a long family tradition of people in Church work, a richer heritage than I could have ever imagined. I would finally caution, that while I have tried to be accurate, and look to best sources, new information is always coming up, it makes genealogy endless, and change inevitable. I will continue to revise as time permits.

Family Tree of Rev. Richard A Jordan

Famous Cousins of Rev. Richard A Jordan

Adams, John born October 19, 1735 - 2nd President of the USA
Adams, John Quincy born July 11, 1767 - 6th President of the USA
Buchanan, James (Jr.) born April 23, 1791 - 15th President of the USA
Bush, George Herbert Walker born June 12, 1924 - 41st President of the USA
Bush, George Walker born July 06, 1946 - 43rd President of the USA
Carter, James Earl born October 1, 1924 - 39th President of the USA
Coolidge, John Calvin born July 04, 1872 - 30th President of the USA
Cleveland, Grover born March 18, 1837 - 22nd & 24th President of the USA
Eisenhower, Dwight David born October 14, 1890 - 34th President of the USA
Fillmore, Millard born January 07, 1800 - 13th President of the USA
Ford, Gerald born July 14, 1913 - 38th President of the USA
Garfield, James Abram born November 19, 1831 - 20th President of the USA
Grant, Ulysses Simpson born April 27, 1822 - 18th President of the USA
Harding, Warren Gamaliel born Nov 02, 1865 - 29th President of the USA
Harrison, Benjamin born August 20, 1833 - 23rd President of the USA
Harrison, William Henry born February 09, 1773 - 9th President of the USA
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard born October 4, 1822 - 19th President of the USA
Hoover, Herbert Clark born August 10, 1874 - 31st President of the USA
Jackson, Andrew born March 15, 1767 - 7th President of the USA
Jefferson, Thomas born April 2, 1743 - 3rd President of the USA
Johnson, Andrew born Dec 29, 1808 - 17th President of the USA
Johnson, Lyndon Baines born August 27, 1908 - 36th President of the USA
Lincoln, Abraham born February 12, 1809 - 16th President of the USA
Madison, James born March 4, 1809 - 4th President of the USA
Monroe, James born April 28, 1758 - 5th President of the USA
Nixon, Richard Milhous born January 13, 1913 - 37th President of the USA
Pierce, Franklin born November 23, 1804 - 14th President of the USA
Polk, James Knox born November 2, 1795 - 11th President of the USA
Reagan, Ronald Wilson born February 6, 1911 - 40th President of the USA
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano born January 30, 1882 - 32nd President of the USA
Roosevelt, Theodore born October 27, 1858 - 26th President of the USA
Taft, William Howard born 1857 - 27th President of the USA
Taylor, Zachary born November 24, 1784 - 12th President of the USA
Truman, Harry Solomon born May 8, 1884 - 33rd President of the USA
Tyler, John born March 29, 1790 - 10th President of the USA
Washington, George born February 22, 1732 - 1st President of the United States of America
Wilson, Woodrow born Dec 28, 1856 - 28th President of the USA

Miles Standish born 1587
Richard Warren born 1580
Isaac Allerton born 1586
William Brewster born 1566
Edward Doty born 1599
Degory Priest born 1579
Matoaka Pocahontas born 1596

Richard I Plantagenet, King of England born 1157
Robert Bruce, King of Scotland born July 11, 1274
Charles V von Hapsburg, Holy Roman Emperor born 1499
Henry VIII Tudor, King of England born 1491

Other Folks
Daniel Boone - explorer born September 22, 1734
Samuel Langhorn Clemens Mark Twain - Author born Nov 30, 1835
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Poet born 1807
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Author born 1804
Paul Revere - patriot born December 21, 1734
General Charles Cornwallis - British Officer born December 31, 1738
General Robert E Lee - CSA January 19, born 1807
Winston Spencer Churchill - Statesman born 1874

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