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     I have some papers that have Greek and or Hebrew in them, they are being made available in Adobe Acrobat format [*.pdf] you can get a free reader by going to they have free readers for everything there is. It is the only way I have of making Greek and Hebrew available on the net,...

    In the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we handle disputes through reconciliation, and have people trained to assist in this process. Currently we are using materials from Pacemaker Ministries, which is quite good on practical matters, but seriously lacking in terms of sound theology. I have prepared a short paper Towards a Theology of Reconciliation which may give a better framework, or at least one Lutheran's understanding of the biblical foundation to reconciliation. It will not answer all the questions, but should provide an outline to foster further study.

     One thing that I regard as particularly important is the question of worship, liturgy and the phenomenon called contemporary worship. If you don't understand what worship is, you can't write contemporary worship. That is, you may write something which is not really worship, even though that what was intended. Much of what is called contemporary worship lacks a theological foundation, and ends up becoming contemporary entertainment.
      In order to advance the discussion of worship and contemporary worship, I have written a small piece I would like to share with you called "Towards a Theology of Worship". By that I mean that I will not even attempt to deal with all the issues, that would require a book, rather I hope to present a few basic principles which may be helpful.

     Another thing related to worship, is the wedding service. It is related, because in my theology, a wedding is a worship service, and if it isn't, it has no business being in a church, or requiring a Pastor. This being the case, a Christian wedding will have Christ centered music. 
     There are 2 pieces of music which I do not permit, even though many regard them as traditional. They are the Wedding March from a Midsummer's Night Dream by Mendelssohn,  and
The Bridal Chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin., The files I present here should explain why no one, knowing the background of the music, would ever want it used at their wedding. Please read them, and pass them on to your friends.

     The issue of Church Fellowship and Interchristian relations is a difficult area. In an effort to shed light on this I have prepared a short piece on the background and application of Romans 16:17, I think it covers some new ground, especially as to "those who cause divisions" means and why they should be avoided.

     One other issue facing the church [at least the LCMS] is the place of women, there are 2 things I would like to share:
 1. A detailed analysis of Ephesians 5:15-21, its not much in commentary, it is rather an attempt to let the text speak for itself, and for the Bible to interpret the Bible.
 2. A shorter work that looks at the passages relating to women being subject, and on NT subjection in general and the implications regarding woman's suffrage.
more will be added as the occasions arise.


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