Qoheleth 3:1For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

Do you know what time it is? Many think they do, they look at their watch, or a clock – but that is not helpful unless you know what you are supposed to be doing at this time.

The world seems obsessed with time this day, all day long we saw the new day of the new year arriving -–no where did we see all the lights go out – and it seems that much of the celebration revolved around the new day, and it not being the end of the world.

Y2K, many would just as soon not every hear about it again, getting all worked up, spending all that time and money, and nothing has happened, yet. But given the dire predictions, few questioned the wisdom of getting ready – just in case. Perhaps much of the celebration is, that the new year arrived, and we’re still alive.

That is what seems important, you can certainly see it in medicine, every advance is celebrated as a way of postponing death – for that is the great equalizer, rich or poor, medicine or not, there will be a season of life, and a season for death.

Therefore, if we can mobilize the world to prepare for a computer glitch, certainly we have the power to mobilize the world for the coming of God, after all, God is not a maybe – he is coming, though we do not know the exact hour.

Why mobilize the world? Because the world is terrified of death, but it need not be afraid, there are some simple things which can help, and they are certainly less costly than all the billions spent on y2k. You see, to get ready to meet God, it costs us nothing.

No, its not free – there was a cost, but someone else paid that bill. That was what Christmas was all about – God’s gift of his only son, come to be our savior. It is incomprehensible how God could become a little baby – and how a little baby could make a difference.

But isn’t part of the new year, something about bringing in the baby – not just any baby, but one with power to save.

If the past now lies behind us, it is well we look to the present and consider the future – how can we work with God to bring his kingdom, and the message of salvation to the whole world.