Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus declared, I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes;

Do you know why we are here, on Sunday? Because Jesus rose from death, on a Sunday, and so each Sunday we celebrate Easter and the empty tomb. We celebrate the power of God, the wisdom of God, and the grace of God. This celebration of God in all his glory, is what we call adoration, and it is part of what true worship is, along with praise, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. So, while on the one hand we observe a day of rest, the other part of this day is the right worship of the Lord God Almighty.

If it weren’t for God, there wouldn’t have been a Easter, or an Easter story. You see, people are often not very good about following instructions. Early Easter morning the women went to the tomb, they were going to finish preparing Jesus body for burial – but when they got there, the tomb was empty – an angel appeared to them and told them Jesus was risen, told them to tell the disciples that he would meet them in Galilee. So the women ran and told the disciples – and what the disciples do? Did they go to Galilee – NO! the first thing they did was run to the tomb, and it was indeed empty. I don’t know why – other than this appears to be one of those cases where the wisdom of man gets in the way of the plans of God.

Sometimes it terribly hard for adults to be Christians – everything we know seems to get in the way – but children seem to have no trouble – if the angel said to go to Galilee, maybe we ought to go to Galilee. But as adults, even if we finally decide that perhaps we ought to Galilee, chances are that our wisdom is going to get in the way yet again – after all, Galilee is a big place, almost like saying: Go to Northwest Iowa, and I will meet you there. We want to know where – which city, which street, what address what date, and what time.

If we have those things, we have a sense of being in control – and that is perhaps the most dangerous thing there is when it comes to faith – for if your are in control, you really just don’t need faith at all. Faith is the substance of things unseen, but we are taught that we must see, and that is why we have so much trouble with faith – if we see, we can be in control – and being in control is the greatest god that there is – it is why the world worships money, power, fame and all the rest – for they are the promise of being in control. What is faith – it is not us being in control – it is letting God be in control. The object, quite simply, is to let God, and let God.

After all, why does God reveal himself to us? Was it because we successfully found him? Did we climb up to heaven to bring God down to us? No, God found us. And, God came down and dwelt among us. God brought the plan of salvation to us. God brought faith to us. God worked salvation for us. God paid for the forgiveness of our sins. God has done everything. But best of all, God is in control, complete control, and he cares for us, provides for us. Our wisdom might ask us WHY? Why does God do all these things for us? But that is not really important, a child knows what is important, and it is not why – it is THAT he does all these things FOR US.

Each Sunday we remember Easter, we remember that God is in control. We remember that God has conquered sin. God has conquered death. God has conquered the Devil. God has conquered the World – God has conquered all and reigns over all victorious. Who can stand against God? And God has revealed this, not because we studied so hard, not because we dedicated our life to the pursuit of knowledge, but God revealed this to us by Grace, that is, it is a free gift, just as faith also is a free gift – and by faith we believe the good news of the salvation that comes to us by grace in Christ. God is in control.

And it is because God is in control that God can say: Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. God invites us, God enables us to come to him, for he has first come to us, and it is he who carries us to the place where we belong. But the problem is that while children are humble enough to be carried, and cared for – we struggle with pride, and have great difficulty letting go, and letting God. But the promise is for us and for all. There is a perfect rest in faith in Christ.