Matthew 10:25-26 it is enough for the disciple to be like the teacher, and the slave like the master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, how much more will they malign those of his household! "So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.

Some people are afraid of the future, and what it might bring, for the future is unknown, yet the future is not completely unknown, a great deal has been revealed. Some people are afraid of the past, that it might catch up with them, and the only escape from that, is forgiveness. Some people are afraid of storms, but if the Lord is truly your shepherd – won’t he keep you safe? And some people are afraid of being called names, Jesus was called names, but that didn’t kill him.

But it was important enough that God thought something ought to be mentioned. The nursery rhyme – sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt – just isn’t true. It hurts when people call others names. But it used to be that names meant something. For example there is a difference between being a coward and being afraid - a coward is easily frightened, like being afraid of your shadow – but there are things which are dangerous, and which should engender caution, and it is reasonable to avoid danger.

But it seems that for some, living on the edge, danger is something they seek – how close can you come to death. And its not just their life, they want to bring you in – are you afraid? You should be afraid to abandon common sense! But all too often it goes like this – You’re afraid, am not – are too – am not – prove it! And in most cases – what we are supposed to do is something we know we ought not do – because it is sin. Jesus says we should have no fear of the people who call us names, simply because we are Christians. We should have no fear, because the day is coming when all the secrets will be revealed – and the people who say we are afraid – afraid to sin – will be seen as people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, that is, they are leading people to destruction, doing the devil’s work, and we will see that they will receive the devil’s punishment.

You see, it is wrong to tempt other people to evil. It is wrong to lead other people into sin. It is not smart, it is not clever, it is merely evil, and its end is destruction. This is why Christians are to be good examples, and lead people, not to destruction but to salvation in Christ.

We should have no fear, and we should use our common sense – but sometimes we are uncertain. Sometimes we wonder about the future. Sometimes we see problems which look insurmountable. Sometimes it looks like more than we can handle. What are we to do?

Why should we trust in Christ, especially as sometimes it seems like faith doesn’t make sense? Now if faith has 3 parts, which part is causing the problem.

Is it something we don’t know? Knowledge is the 1st part of faith –

Is it something that we don’t trust? The second part of faith is to accept it as true.

Is it something which seems unreliable? The final part of faith is relying on God to save us, to forgive us and to grant us eternal life.

If you don’t know about God, then you wouldn’t know about how he sent his son to be our Savior. If you know that the Word of God is the record of how God has dealt with man, and how God has worked to bring salvation – if you haven’t seen how God has been faithful generation after generation – if you haven’t seen how God has kept his promises – then some part might bring the whole thing into question – which is why God hasn’t given us just a part – but has given us the whole thing – so that we can see God’s love, God’s faithfulness and can hear that all these promises are for us – that he will keep us safe. And seeing all that God has delivered people from in the past, and all the dangers he has rescued people from – we see not only God who wishes well, but is able to do all he has promised.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to have faith in God – for just as he has promised us our daily bread, so also will he provide for all our needs, of body and of soul. Don’t be afraid to confess your faith – it is not silly, it is the way of salvation. And don’t be afraid of the people who call us names, because we are Christians – they called Jesus names too, and it didn’t stop him – he even died for the people who called him names – because God wants all people to be saved. So it is that God has sent his spirit to dwell in our hearts, so that he might keep us safe in true faith, unto life everlasting.