Colossians 3:1 So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.

There were many challenges to being here this morning, not the least of which is that thing called daylight savings time. Many challenges, and yet we are here – but we are not well practiced in rejoicing in these little victories. We feel almost foolish to talk about the victory – we cannot even imagine saying – Yes, by the grace of God, I got out of bed. And while we seem embarrassed to talk about the little victories – no one seems to have any problem talking about the challenges or troubles or just plain evil.

I am no fan of self esteem programs, nor am I a follower of the power of positive thinking. That’s not what this is about, although on the surface it may seem that way. But why do we spend so much time talking about what’s wrong? Why? The devil made me do it! The devil wants us to talk about all the problems so that no one will ever think that something can be done about them – but the problems is that the reason we are here – is not to talk about doing something about the worlds problems – but to hear how someone already has not only done something about them – but has conquered them all.

The devil doesn’t want anyone to hear that he has been conquered, because as long as he can get us wrapped up in our problems and in all that we need to do – as long as everyone is only talking about all the evil there is – then there is nothing to keep people from sliding into despair – a hopeless, I’ll never get it all done – so I might as well stop trying.

But we are here this morning because Christ has conquered the word, the flesh, the devil, - even daylight savings time. While we might have had a good we wanted to do, that didn’t get done – Christ has done the greatest good – because not only has He won the victory, but he has won the victory for us. You see, the tomb is empty, although Jesus died for our sins, he is risen, death could not hold him captive.

So, if we have been raised with Christ, its time to seek the things above – that is, to focus on the victories of the grace of God in our lives. Some of them are as little as getting out of bed, or not yelling at someone – but they are victories – gifts of God to give us hope here and now – sure there may be a lot to do, but we have the promise, that we can do all things, through Christ who strengthens us.

It may seem little, just like the empty tomb is just a little thing – but its what it points to and what it promises. After all, if God is for us, who can stand against us, if Jesus is risen, and intercedes for us at the right hand of God – is there anything that is beyond he power? After all he has conquered death, he is risen. He has conquered the devil, the chains that bound us to all we have to do have been broken. And his love and grace are poured out to us, forgiving us our sins, making us a new creation, and providing for all our needs, both of body and of spirit. And that is why we rejoice this day, in part for the little victories that we have seen in our lives in Christ – but chiefly for the great victory of the empty tomb, a promise to us that not only does Jesus love us, but he is strong enough to be our one and only savior.