Matthew 26:6-9 Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on his head, as he sat at table. But when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, "Why this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for a large sum, and given to the poor."

Do we understand the right worship of God? Do we appreciate his gifts? Do we show thanks? Do we even know how to show thanks? Hereís a simple question, Can you recall saying something nice to one person today? Now bring it closer to home, have you said anything nice about anyone in your family. No Big deal? Scripture says: 1 John 4:20 for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.

You see the real question is, How do you show your love? HmmÖ is it kind of hard? Suppose we change the question, how would anyone know we love them, it we never show our love or let of feelings be known? Its no real mystery, it wasnít that long ago, something called valentines day, a whole industry of greeting cards, to let people know that we care. And its not just cards, you could send flowers, or candy, or perhaps, a gift of a diamond, donít they say a diamond is a gift of forever? And if we have all these ways of showing the people we love that we care, shouldnít there be something similar for God.

But if you were sending a card to God, where would you send it? And likewise how could you give God flowers, or candy, or a diamond? It not an unreasonable question, after all, I do hope that we are all planning to have a relationship with God that lasts forever. But someone will probably say, what can you give God, he already has everything, and anything he did want, all he would have to do is say let there be ???? and he could have it. It may seem like an overwhelming problem to know what it is that we could do for God, or how we could show him our love and appreciation. As I said, it may seem difficult, but really it is so simple that even a child knows what to do?

For when we were young, and we lacked the money to buy the present we wanted to give, what did we do? Why, we used what we had. So there were those cards which were treasured made with love, with what we had. And somehow we always knew, that if we really wanted to show our love for our parents, we would cheerfully do what we already knew that they wanted us to do.

Funny thing is, that all these things have always been true when it comes to God, in fact, God was the one who from the beginning put the ideas in our heads. He wrote the law into the hearts of every person, and in that law he put the words, if you love me, you will keep these, my commandments. Its not that hard, for children understand it. When we break the rules we are saying, I donít love you, and thatís why children are so tender hearted, because they know, that even though they broke the rules, they really didnít want to say Ė I donít love you any more. That is why children quickly run to seek forgiveness, because they want to be loved, and they want relationships to continue.

So, part of the way we show our love of God, is to cheerfully keep his commandments. And one of the commandments calls on all to regularly worship God. It is sometimes nice to know why we are worshiping, and yet, if we take our example from children, it is not necessary to know why, what is necessary is to do what is commanded. Like washing the dishes, we donít need to understand why we use soap, or why we use a towel, at the beginning it is enough to know that this is the way our parents want it done, and so that is the way we will do it. In the same way, we begin by obeying the commandments, and along the way, as we grow in faith, and in the knowledge of the scriptures, we will see that God has already revealed the meaning and purpose behind all his commands, but the chief question is always, do we love God enough to obey?

Which brings us to the final point. Some people demonstrate a love for God which makes us sometimes feel guilty. I think that may have been what happened in our lesson tonight, the women gave a great gift in worship and praise of God, for she could see that Jesus was God. I think that the disciples had wished that they could have thought of it first, and done it, but they hadnít. Never begrudge anyone their devotion to God, rather, let such devotion spur us on to good works, regular prayer, and careful study of the wonderful promises of God. Let one light light many lamps, and may all be point the way of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.