Hebrews 3:5-6 Now Moses was faithful in all God's house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, but Christ was faithful over God's house as a son. And we are his house if we hold fast our confidence and pride in our hope.

Today the question is not whether or not we are faithful; nor is the question to whom are we faithful; rather the either of those, the question is this, How are we faithful? And by itself that is an amazing thing. Its not the question I would have asked.

For in our minds, the question is first, are you faithful, or not? Itís a good question, it puts faith at the center, and encourages people to action. You canít be indifferent and faithful, so it provides a sharp contrast. What does it mean to be faithful? After accepting it as true it means that you trust and rely on this, and put it first in life. Faithful people arenít looking for something else, nor are they looking for something better, because it is the nature of the faith in faithfulness, to already know that you have the best. You are faithful, because in your mind, you would say, where else would I go, you are confident that you already have the best.

The second question may be even a better question, for in asking who are you faithful to, we are really dealing with the whole issue of idolatry. What is it that is at the center of your faithfulness? Here we find all sorts of answers, people are faithful to other people, to jobs, to hobbies, to passions, and any of these can take the place of the LORD God, and thus becomes an other god, a god which, in our lives comes first, comes before the LORD God. This would have been a good question, for anyone who truly has no other God, is right on track for keeping the whole of the Law. For whenever we transgress any commandment, we always begin with the 1st commandment, for temptation comes, and we yield to it, and we did not turn to God and ask his grace and strength, and we did not remember the victory that is ours in Jesus Christ.

But this is not the question, for today, we begin with people who know God, and who are faithful to him, and we ask of God's faithful people -ĖHow are you faithful? Are you faithful as a servant, or faithful as a son? And here the 1st question that comes to mind, is what difference does it make? For there are 2 things we know, a. that we are faithful, and b. that we are faithful to the LORD God, isnít that enough?

And this is at once to ask the WRONG question, for as soon as we even think, Isnít that enough? We find ourselves in that camp that would earn salvation by works Ė on that says, we were faithful to God, and so we are saved. We know that it is not our works which save us, but it is the WORK of Jesus Christ, who purchased and won for us salvation. The Right question is ĖHow are we faithful? And the choice is this: Some are faithful as servants, and some are faithful as Sons. Jesus explain the difference between servants and sons in this way:

John 8:35 The slave does not continue in the house for ever; the son continues for ever.

So to put the question another way, do we live like we are going to heaven? Do we live as possessors of salvation? Do we live as the Redeemed? Do we live as the children of God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ?

We keep confessing that at baptism God made us a new creation and gave us a new life. So are we living the new life we have been given? I donít know why we wouldnít. There is no need to save it only for special occasions, it wonít wear out, it wonít cease being special, even if we are living it every day. God made us his children, and if he is indeed our heavenly father, then we should always be living as his children, living by grace through faith in Jesus Christ at all times.

Servants are always turning to the master and asking what do I do next? They may be faithful, but always an outsider. But it shall not be so with the Children of God, he has revealed His will to them. He has given them His word to make them wise in the way of salvation, and to train them for holy living. The children of God therefore lead holy lives as a way of praising and honoring their heavenly father. They demonstrate their love, as they seek to follow in their fatherís footsteps Ė not that we can work out our salvation, but we can, by the grace of God, lead holy lives, and seek to do Godís will in all things. And it is so simple, for all we are doing is being the people that God in Christ has created. You see, not only are we the children of God, but as the text reminds us:

We are his house if we hold fast our confidence and pride in our hope.