Luke 2:14 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom he is pleased!"

During this season, there is a lot of talk about peace on earth, most of it misses the mark. Christmas may have a message of peace, but the peace is not for all. There are some people with whom God is pleased, and then there are those who have been bad. Somebody got mixed up, God never changed the message, God wants people to be good.

But someone is teaching children they can do what they want. Someone is teaching children to be selfish. Someone is teaching children to see what they can get away with. Someone is the devil. It is very sad to see children who do not understand, No! It is sad because they will be missing out on the Christmas Peace, which is forgiveness of sins.

God wants all children to know the peace of forgiveness, forgiveness is for everyone. But to receive forgiveness, you need to know that you did bad, and you need to be sorry, not that you got caught, but sorry that you are not living as a friend of Jesus, sorry for hurting others, and for hurting God. So sorry that they want to change, and never do it again. Thatís what repentance is, it is something that God works in our hearts. And God gives forgiveness only to those who are really sorry, and it is in forgiveness, that we have peace with God.

In forgiveness, God takes away that bad thing we did, and then he says, you are my friend. And that is why the angelís message begins with "glory to God in the highest." Its another way of saying, Thank you God, for the best Christmas present of all, Jesus my Savior. Thank you for making me your friend again.

Thatís what Christmas is about, and thatís why Jesus came, to bring us peace with God which comes through forgiveness. It may be that we will never see peace on earth, but we can have peace with God as soon as we turn from our sin, repent and receive Godís gift of forgiveness. I like to think that if everyone were standing before God, forgiven, there would be a lot less fighting, and other bad stuff. I know that we will remember this for a while, and we will try to be good, and to share, and to say only nice things. But if we slip, we repent right away, we run right to God and tell him sorry, and ask and receive the forgiveness with the peace he give, that is how we keep Christmas growing.

It also means that we remind people that God wants all people to be good. And we tell them, donít listen to that devil, donít let that devil steal the peace. And we tell people about Jesus, the first Christmas present, sent to save us from death and the devil, bring us forgiveness, peace with God, and everlasting life. For the gift of the first Christmas, is a gift that God would keep on giving into ever day of every life for Jesus sake. And so we can bring this gift of peace to all we meet. This kind of Christmas is special, but we can celebrate it every day.