Matthew 7:26-27 "And every one who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand; and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell; and great was the fall of it."

Seems that every week someone says to me, I know I ought to Pastor, but Iíve just been too busy. There is some truth to the words, each week things seem to move a little faster, each week things seem to get a little more busy. Every day, there are a number of things weíd like to do, and every day there are a number of things that just donít get done. There is an easy answer, something that puts order back into life, but most people donít want to hear it.

Youíd think most people would want to know the truth, but they donít, for often the truth is painful. Its that time when the gardens are planted and the weeds are appearing, if you spent half the day hoeing the garden, how would you feel, if someone came up and said, nice job, thatís the most carefully cultivated weed garden Iíve ever seen, somehow youíve destroyed all the good plants, and left behind only the weeds. The truth can be painful, you worked hard, accomplished nothing and will have to replant the garden. Its not just the time you spent weeding, but the time to replant as well.... Imagine what it would be like to spend a lifetime cultivating weeds, and only to find out on the last day?

Someone once said, life is a like a balloon, you blow and blow and blow, trying to breath life into your dreams, and before your eyes you can see your work growing before you, you begin to see the dreams come to life, you begin to see the object of your desire. Youíd think that we would learn, that it only takes a pin to burst a balloon, and our work and our dreams are in tatters.....

And it is this way with all the things of this world. For this world is a garden of weeds, it is a balloon that will burst, it will not last, and it is already passing away. It is one thing to hear the Word of God, there are many that do, but if you do not do the Word, if it does not come first in your life, you are headed for ruin.

It may not appear that you are headed for ruin. It may appear that you are building a fine house, with many rooms, one envied by many. You may have built a dream castle, but is your castle made of sand? Will one wave destroy it? Or were you smarter, you used good materials, for everything that showed, but what difference does the foundation make?

We know it makes a difference. Weíve seen the houses sliding down the hill, because the foundation washed away. Weíve seen the houses blown across town, and weíve seen houses demolished. We know these things happen.

Jesus words are plain, and are for all to hear, it is not enough to hear the Word of God [although hearing it is a good thing]. The one who would have a firm foundation, who would build a house that would stand the storms of life, that person is one who would hear the Word of God and do it. On the outside, it may appear, a humble structure; but it will stand the storms of life.

We pray in the Lordís Prayer, give us this day our daily bread. It is not that God does not give bread daily both to the righteous and the wicked, but we pray that we might recognize Godís gift, and receive it with thanksgiving.

We pray that we would be hears of the Word, but not just hearers. We pray that we would be doers of the Word, not that our works earn heaven. For heaven is the gift of God, by grace through faith. But by being a doer of the Word, we will resist temptation, and hold fast to the gift of salvation which is ours in Jesus Christ. When we pray to be doers of the Word, we are praying that we may live as the children of God, and die in true faith, and rise to life everlasting in Jesus Christ.