Romans 13:11 Besides this you know what hour it is, how it is full time now for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed;

Do you know what time it is? Some people pull out the calendar, and tell us the year. Some people look at the signs, and tell us the season, its late fall and early advent. Some people use the calendar and tell us the month - its December. Some people look at the calendar, and tell us the day, its the 3rd. Some people look in their pocket, and they fish out a token, its a tuit, its a round tuit, and they say, yes, I guess itís time I get around to it.

Do you know what time it is? There are many ways to loose track of time. Some have been busy doing something else, thatís one way to loose track of time. Some have been sleeping, thatís another way to loose track of time. But the interesting thing is the question itself. Do you know what time it is? It says, that something is coming. It says something is coming, and we cannot afford to be late. Something is coming, and we must be prepared.

Do you know what time it is? Its time to wake, no time for sleeping now. Its time to get busy, canít collect any more round tuits, got to start getting them all done. Do you know what time it is? Its close to the hour for God to come. Are you ready to meet God? Heís not waiting until we get around to coming to Him, heís coming to us. God is coming, its time to get your house in order. Not the dusting and cleaning of the outward house, but its time to get our inner house together, time to resolve how it is that we hope to be saved, and having reached a resolve, to begin to act.

Do you know what time it is? Its time salvation is coming, its coming with God. And by salvation, we always mean the salvation that is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. By salvation we refer to the forgiveness of sins earned by the precious blood of Jesus. By salvation we refer to the new life and the new creation that are worked by grace through faith, beginning at baptism. Salvation is coming, and God is calling upon us to choose, Choose this day whom you will serve. Either chose the God who redeemed you from sin death and the devil, paid your debts in full, made you a new creation, forgave you your sins, and gave you everlasting life. And whom ever you choose, today you begin to serve them. Is there another way of salvation? Is there another name given under heaven among men by whom we may be saved?

Its time to wake from sleep. Its time to make your choice. Its time to begin to serve. Salvation is near, but it is by no means certain. Everyone wonít be saved. God may have a lot of live, but judgment day will come. If you believe, as we say we do, then it is time to be living by faith, trusting in God, and doing his will.

If the hour is near, how will others know, know that God is coming, know that there is time yet to repent. How will others know, if they cannot look at our lives and see us getting ready. Without our preparations, they will believe this just another false alarm. After all, they will say, Godís chosen people should know these things, and when we see them change, when we see them getting ready, then we will believe.

God is calling us to build as it were a last days ark. For just as God told Noah of a flood that is coming, and told him to prepare an ark, and that the preparations would serve as a sign and warning to the people of his day, that the end is near. That now is the time to repent of sin. That now is the time to get right with God. And the ark served as a sign, for it told all who saw, that the hour was late,.... But though they saw, they did not believe. They did not repent. The flood came, and they all perished, except for those who gathered in the ark, and God kept them safe through the rains and the floods, and set them down in a new place.

And again the hour is near, and the church is the ark built by the hand of God. The church teaches the word which shows the way of salvation, and trains in holy living. God made us a new creation. God in Christ washed away our sins. God has given us peace, and life, and hope. And God has called us to live by faith. And God has called us to live holy lives, so that by them we might gather people into the ark, so that they too may be saved by the blood of Jesus. Thatís why God calls gathers and enlightens us, that we might know the hour, and tell people about Jesus, so that they can be ready for judgment day. The king is coming, and He is Jesus Christ.