Colossians 1:10 to lead a life worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God

What are you going to do with your life? What are you going to do with your summer? What are you going to do with this day? All basically the same question, all recognize that this day, this summer, or this life, are what they are, they cannot be traded for another model.

Often we forget that, they are what they are, imagining that they could be traded for something else. Part of our trouble is that rubber necked machine, the television, it would always keep us looking in someone elseís backyard. Not that thereís anything in our neighborís backyard thatís so tempting, but those TV neighbors have everything we want... and so these days, increasingly thatís where weíre looking with longing. And the more we look, the more we long, and soon nothing looks good, except what someone else has.

Our house, our yard, our life, our time, our day ... even if someone else has everything else that we think we want. We can do what we want... but come judgment day everyone will answer for what theyíve done and failed to do. But thatís not on TV is it? Someone forgot to read the fine print, or even notice that it was there.

What was that fine print... "you were bought with a price, you are not your own." Well, then weíll pay the price, because the one thing we want is to be our own, so we ask, who paid the price, and what was it? Jesus, he paid the price, the price to free us from sin, the price to free us from death, the price to free us from the devil, the price so that we could choose. And that price that gave us our freedom was His life... and even if we were to give up our life, we couldnít pay it back.

Seems like the world hasnít been telling us the whole truth, but then the devil rarely does, and its the devil whose been leading us down this path, saying look at everything you donít have... The devil didnít do this to make our lives better, or show us another way, the devil delights in making everyone he can miserable. And the easiest way is to keep us looking at all we donít have, while he steals what we do have.

Thing about it. What do we have? We have this life. We have this summer. We have this day. And all the other things we have, they are the gift of God in Jesus Christ. Why if it werenít for Jesus, and the forgiveness and life he has given, God would look at us and begin throwing lightning bolts, and being perfect, God wouldnít miss. Without Jesus, when God saw us, all he would see is our sin, and all our sin deserves is his wrath and everlasting punishment, and if you remember you parents angry, just imagine what it would be like for God to be angry, perfectly angry at us. And that exactly what we donít have, not any more, because Jesus paid the price to set us free, he suffered and died to set us free.

All of which gets us back to this day, this summer, and this life of ours, and the question of what then should we do with it? Well, if your salvation means anything, then it seems that the very least we can do is to give thanks to God, and recognize his claim on our lives, and live each day to His glory. Every time we say that Jesus is Lord, it is an acknowledgment that He is the one in charge, he is the one that rules, he is the one in control, and in the same way He is the one who should direct this day, this summer, and this life that we have. And the best part is that He has a plan for us, for this day, for this summer, and for this life; which is exciting, fulfilling, and designed just for us. Each day God has designed for us, and has arranged for us to do things that only we can do, to His glory. Each day, by our thanks and praise, we can show God that the salvation we have in Jesus is important to us, and that it matters to us, and that we appreciate it.

There remains nothing we can do to inherit eternal life, for while there is nothing we can do, God has in Christ done everything for us. Since God has given us this free and complete salvation in Jesus Christ, the only thing left for us to do, is to live this salvation that is ours in the blood of Jesus, to the praise and glory of God, and work so that all may know our God and Savior who has done such great things for us.