Galatians 3:23-26 Now before faith came, we were confined under the law, kept under restraint until faith should be revealed. 24So that the law was our custodian until Christ came, that we might be justified by faith. 25But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a custodian; 26for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.

When little children are young, we take them by the hand to show them the way. We lead them, we keep them safe, we keep them from danger, such is a parents role. The problem is that children do not like to be lead by the hand, and it is not long before they say, ĎNO, I go myself.í And as much as we might wish to make them happy and give them what they want, a parent is to lead, to teach, to keep them from harm and danger. A Christian parent is to teach them the way of salvation, to show them Jesus, to read to them from the Word of God, to be a bright shining light pointing to the cross, and guiding them down the way of salvation.

Along the way children may continue to rebel, at being led by the hand. Children rebel because like all mankind, children are sinners too, and sin, which sometimes we speak of as trespasses, and sometimes we speak of missing the mark, sin may also be spoken of as rebellion. Now, if we see someone doing something that endangers lives, we work to stop them, and so when children rebel, we do not let them have their way, for this would endanger their soul.

And so we have laws to guide us, and children have rules to guide them, to keep them safe, to keep them from danger, to keep them on the path to heaven, to guide them to their Savior Jesus Christ. Law, by itself is not a pleasant thing, it always carries with it a feeling of being caught in, as it were, a net. Those people who play in nets are bound to feel caught, and children are always testing boundaries, and are often caught in the net of the law.

Now when we are caught in the net of the law, we see our sins, and on seeing our sin, we should turn from it, and repent, asking Godís forgiveness, and God graciously forgives us for Jesus sake. So the law is to lead us to repentance, so that we may receive the grace of God and forgiveness for our sins. But we still donít like getting caught in the net . . . So consider, what would happen if the net werenít there? If the Law wasnít there, how would we see our sins, how would we see the need for repentance, and what would save us from falling straight on down . . . to hell.

We need the law, until faith is mature, we need someone to guide us by the hand and to keep our feet on the path to heaven. Sometimes we might think we are too grown up to be led by the hand . . . and then we should consider the scripture which often talks about God leading ... by the hand. Ask yourself if the blindman would have preferred to go his own way, rather than have Jesus take him by the hand. Or would the dead girl preferred to remain dead, rather than take Jesus hand and receive the gift of life. Or would Israel preferred to remain in Egypt, rather than take Godís hand and be led to the promised land. What do you think ?

The good news is that God give us a faith, that when mature, will guide us. At that time we will no longer feel trapped as it were in the net of the law, for we will be guided by the Holy Spirit, who dwells in the temple God has made in our hearts [when he made us a new creation].

It is for this reason that we encourage all, to daily be in the Word of God, to daily be speaking to God in prayer, to daily be growing in faith. For as we grow in faith we are freed from the net of the law, after all, who needs a safety net when we are walking hand in hand with our Savior. Who needs the law, when Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and we follow him?

You see, we are the children of God. God gave us the law to keep us safe until we could grow into the knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ. God gave us the law as a guardian, until faith matures and by faith we walk with our Savior. Sin sometimes blinds, and its wages are death, but God takes us by the hand and leads us out of this dark captivity, and brings us into light and life. Those who walk in the light do not stumble or fall.

Yet sin remains, and sometimes we fail to follow, and find ourselves caught in the net of the law, and while in our struggle we might wish it werenít there, it is there to catch us from falling all the way, and to guide us in the way of repentance, that we might receive forgiveness, and in forgiveness, that God might restore us, that we might again walk with Him. Sometimes I think that we never get too old, for God to lead us by the hand.