John 20:13 "They said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping?" She said to them, "They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him.""

They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where... . Have you ever lost something? Well, maybe not lost it, but misplaced it. Its around, it will turn up sooner or later, after all it didn’t grow legs and walk away. And while ist fine that it will turn up eventually, its frustrating because you need it now. What is there to do?

One of the great treasures in life, are the people who have seen many years. They are a great treasure, they have a storehouse full of stories to tell. Some people don’t have much patience with older people though, it seems that sometimes they repeat the same story over and over. There are 2 things that need to be remembered, a. if you haven’t gotten the point of the story, or learned its lesson, then it probably bears repeating. b. stories filled with hope and promise give great comfort.

I remember talking to a woman, who had lived a good part of her life in a sod house, 1 room, and a dirt floor, and she told me that it was easier to keep that house clean than the modern house in which she currently lived. 2 pegs on the wall, 1 shelf, 1 bed, 2 chairs and a table - there was not much stuff, and what there was was used several times a day. It didn’t have time to get dusty. And the dirt floor was good and hard, it didn’t wear out, and all housecleaning was was washing the dishes, and sweeping the floor. The point was, because there wasn’t much stuff, things didn’t have a place to get lost. And I stopped and thanked God for the stuff in my life, for I realized that even though things sometimes get lost, God has blessed me richly. And if I turn to God, and aski him to use this stuff wisely, then the things I need don’t get lost.

You also repeat stories over again, if they give you hope comfort, or remind you of great promises, or tell you how you came to be. We keep telling the story of Jesus over and over again, its a good old story, and yet, we even today call it good news. We reapeat it over and over, and each time we hear something new. We repeat it over and over, and each time we hear the same old thing, but its never so old that we tire of hearing it.

We all know that we’re not perfect, and also that God calls us to prefection. We all know that we sin, and that sin hurts us, hurts our neighbor, and hurts God. Only sick people want to live in hurt, most want to get well, to be healthy, and sin is a sickness that leads to death - sin is terminal. We need a cure, we need forgiveness, we need peace with God. And that is what Easter is all about, how God in Christ brought us life, love, and the forgiveness of sins. Easter is about Jesus dying for our sins, but it is also about the empty tomb, for Jesus rose from the dead.

So when we look at our lives, and find them cluttered, well, we can thank do for his blessing, and ask that he help us to use this stuff wisely. And when it comes to Jesus, if we keep him with us always, he won’t get lost in our room, or get hidden in our stuff. For Jesus is not the kind of thing that gets little use, for if we daily sin much, we also daily turn to Jesus to find forgiveness and the peace of God that passes all understanding

They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where... may this never happen to us. And if we see it happening to others, may God grant us the grace to guide them to the cross and their savior, and the words, that we may again retell the old story of Jesus and his love.