Acts 19:15-17 the evil spirit said to them in reply, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?" Then the man with the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered them all, and so overpowered them that they fled out of the house naked and wounded. When this became known to all residents of Ephesus, both Jews and Greeks, everyone was awestruck; and the name of the Lord Jesus was praised.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven Even though the good and gracious will of God is done without our prayer, we pray in this petition and it may be done among us also. God's will is done when he breaks and hinders every evil plan and purpose of the devil, the world and our flesh, who do not want us to hallow God's name or let His kingdom come; and when He strengthens and keeps us firm in His Word and faith until we die. This is His good and gracious will.

When we come to the 3rd Petition- Thy will be done! Sometimes our biggest trouble, is we forget that, when we pray, Thy will be done, its not a question of whether God will accomplish His Will. It may be with almost everything that we plan, that we add, God willing, but that plain just doesnít apply to God. Satan would very much like to confuse this, for if Godís power and authority are subject to conditions, then perhaps God really isnít all powerful. Satan would continue by saying, if God isnít all powerful, and if God canít do whatever he wants to do, then maybe, just maybe Jesus didnít conquer every enemy, and maybe Jesus isnít Lord of All. And maybe someone else has a better offer, maybe someone will let you do your will, and will bless you and enable you to do whatever you want to do. Maybe, as some would argue, that we have the power inside ourselves, that we can become God, and do what we want.

All this can enter because of one small gift of God to man. God gave man the right and ability to choose. And all because of this, sometimes it appears that God isnít all powerful, and that Godís will might not get done. You see there is one thing that God wants, that God canít make happen. God wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Jesus died that all men might have the gift of life everlasting and forgiveness of sins. But even though this is Godís good and gracious will, it is apparent that many live as enemies of the cross of Christ, their God is the belly, they glory in their shame, their end is destruction. God gave man the ability to choose, not complete free choice, but choice in this, that even though Jesus has won a complete and full redemption for all, God has given us the power to refuse this gracious gift.

Its not that God lacks the power that could make us believe. God has that power, if God ever appeared to us in all his glory and majesty, if we ever experienced the absolute power of the love of God, we would have no choice, but to obey. And while it might seem like the perfect answer, that if God appears in glory and majesty, that everyone would be forced to believe, and believing to be saved; there is one fundamental reason why God doesnít do this. You see, God didnít create us to be his slaves, he created us to be his children.

What I mean is, what merit would there be in Jesus freeing us from slavery to sin, death, and the devil, if upon being freed from those things we become enslaved to God? It may be hard to see, but parents really donít view their children as slaves who are forced to do things like clean up their room, wash the dishes and do chores. Parents want children to do these things out of love. Parents want children to do these things because good parents discipline their children, they teach them right and wrong, they bring them to Jesus, and show them Godís will for their lives. Parents hope that children obey, simply because they love their parents, and know that all these things are done because their parents love them.

Well, thatís what God wants for us, he wants us to be his loving children. Children who obey their father because they know that whatever Father says, he says for their good, and because he loves them and wants the best for them. So God gives us the law, not as a burden, but a blessing. God gives us the law so that we may lead quite and peaceable lives as the children of God by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.

Now that we understand that Godís will will be done, the question remains as to which side we want to be on. And because God is Lord of all, being on any other side is to be on the losing side. But the question remains of what fun is there in being good? And this is the most forgotten thing, and the one thing Satan doesnít want anyone to hear. For as the children of God, God has called us to work with him in accomplishing his will. God has called us to be heroes. For those who help at accidents, and those who rescue people from fires, and those who save lives, all those things are good things, and that is exactly what God has called his children to do, for God has called us to work with him, bringing the good news of the forgiveness of sins is Jesus Christ to those who are perishing. So the devilís purpose is foiled, and Godís will is done among us, for Jesus sake.