Romans 10:10-11 For man believes with his heart and so is justified, and he confesses with his lips and so is saved. 11The scripture says, "No one who believes in him will be put to shame."

There is a great arrogance in this world. Some claim to create life, when they stitch living parts together, but have they created life, or merely Frankenstein’s monster? In like arrogance, there are some who claim to create law, when by fancy words they seek to circumvent the law that God wrote in their heart, the name of the monster these create is lawlessness. And we must not forget that arrogance that claims to create wealth, and they do this like pirates and bandits waylaying the unsuspecting, but they have not created wealth, only stole that which God has given to others.

I ask you, when you turn the key in the ignition, do you create transportation? Do you create light, when you turn on the switch? Do you create dinner, when you cook the meal? Or are you only being wise stewards of the gifts of God, and using the things he has given us. Wise stewards do not claim to create, they may use the gifts of God wisely, but wisely they give all the credit to the giver of the gift, and so it is that we worship and praise God.

Living in an arrogant world, Christians may be tempted to arrogance. So it is that God teaches us humility. Often it seems to come with age, or with experience, but when you listen to those who have humility you’ll find that they never claim credit for the humility that is central in their lives. Over and over again you’ll hear it plainly said. I may have lived many years, and been through many things, but humility is not what I have done, it is a gift of God, and he would have given it to me earlier, but I was too proud to accept it.

We know the scripture says, "No one who believes in him will be put to shame." And we also know that in the course of life we have experienced embarrassment and shame. Some may say that the scripture lies, but it was Satan whispering in the ear, for the scripture does not lie. What is true is that, to our shame, we do not always and fully believe or trust in God above all things. And it is that faltering faith that gives shame its window of opportunity.

We speak of faith as having 3 parts - knowledge, assent, and trust. For in faith there are certain things that must be known. Fortunately God has provided all these things are more in His Word, the Bible, which shows us the way of salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, and trains us in holy living. It is not enough to know the way of salvation alone, or to be trained in holiness alone, the 2 go together and balance each other. For either training in holiness alone, or the way of salvation alone will tend to lead to arrogance.

If that is knowledge, knowledge itself does not save, for many have knowledge, but they do not accept it as true. And if you do not accept it as true, it is not faith, and cannot save you. Again Satan works at the edges, so that all he wants is for us to question one small part, and again this leads into arrogance that places our reason above God’s Word.

And we can have knowledge, and accept it as true, but like a 2 legged stool it will not stand by itself. We must also trust in that which we accept and know. And trust is the difficult thing, for trust is believing without seeing. And arrogance comes in hear, for Satan again whispers in our ear, that it would be easier to trust if we could only see what we were to trust in.

And all this brings us back to humility which is the gift of God. For it is in humility, which is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ that we can hear our lesson and understand. For the scripture indeed says: " For man believes with his heart and so is justified," but it is only in humility, which is a gift of God, that we see the believing with our heart is not what justifies us, as though we had done something meritorious and had earned the justification. Rather, humility points us to justification, which is the forgiveness of sins earned by Jesus suffering and death in our stead, so that to God alone goes all glory and honor for our salvation. To God also goes the praise for the gift of faith whereby we accept the gift of salvation.

It is again humility, a gift of God which enables us rightly to hear "and he confesses with his lips and so is saved." in such manner that again all glory and honor and praise goes to God alone, as the sole provider of our salvation; He gave his only son, to suffer & die in our stead, and that is what brings us salvation, it is nothing we could have done. And again the praise and thanks go to God, for his gift of the spirit which has created in us a clean heart and renewed in us a right spirit, for it is the spirit in us, which is a gift of God, that enables us to confess with our lips.

And it is in humility, that is the gift of God, that we share this good news with the world that is being mislead by Satan, so that they to can hear, believe, be saved, and join with us in the thanks and praise of the God who has done so much for us, for Jesus sake.