John 12:20-24 Now among those who went up to worship at the feast were some Greeks. So these came to Philip, who was from Beth-sa'ida in Galilee, and said to him, "Sir, we wish to see Jesus." Philip went and told Andrew; Andrew went with Philip and they told Jesus. And Jesus answered them, "The hour has come for the Son of man to be glorified. Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

We may begin life singing

I am Jesus' little lamb, Ever glad at heart I am; For my Shepherd gently guides me,
Knows my need, and well provides me, Loves me every day the same, Even calls me by my name.


Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so; Little ones to Him belong;

they are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.

But before long we are singing I love to tell the story, and What a friend we have in Jesus -

There is a reason why this is so, when we begin, the first thing we need to hear is about the love of God which is ours in Jesus Christ, we need to know that Jesus is our Savior, and that Jesus died so that all our sins are forgiven - when we are afraid, its good to sing about Jesus, for when we sing about Jesus, we remember that we don't need to be afraid anymore, we remember that Jesus loves us, we remember that we can come to God in prayer, and we will be heard when we pray in Jesus name. As our faith grows, something else happens, the love of God that we sing about, begins to work a change in us, so that not only do we know that Jesus is our Savior, but we realize that Jesus is not just for us, everyone needs to know about Jesus, everyone needs to trust in his redeeming love, because Jesus name is the only name given under heaven in which is salvation.

We try to teach children the importance of sharing, but sometimes it seems like they never hear. You see, you can certainly know that you are supposed to share, but since we are poor miserable sinners, spiritually blind, dead and enemies of God, often we are simply selfish, and we don't share, even when we're supposed to. It is the love of God which not only teaches us how to share, but makes it possible for us to share - for once we see how much God loves us, and how much God has given us - only when we see that God's love and grace are infinite - only then do we share, because we come to realize that more we share God's love and grace, the more love and grace there are - there is always more than enough. Why? Because God loves enough that God wants all people to be saved.

And that is the great event in our lesson today - Greek's, that is, outsiders come wanting to see Jesus, someone must have told them that Jesus had come for all people, so they come, and Philip brings them to Andrew, and together they bring them to Jesus. This is one of the first great victories, the gentiles are coming to Jesus, and the disciples are willing to share. So Jesus rejoices, because he can see that God's plan of salvation is already working.

It was a good thing, because what is about to come next for Jesus is not a good thing - for the next thing that is coming, is that Jesus will be betrayed, and suffer, and die for all our sins. It is not an easy thing to be betrayed, is not an easy thing to suffer when you are innocent, it is not an easy thing to die for what someone else has done - but Jesus is encouraged because he sees the plan of salvation beginning to work - he know that people will believe and be saved - and so Jesus put aside all fear, he puts aside what he wants - and he goes forward to do his father's will, he goes forward knowing that he will be betrayed, and will suffer and die - knowing that all these things will bring salvation to mankind.

So just as Jesus did the father's will, so we, in love put aside all selfishness, and we also seek to do the father's will - this is how the love of God changes us, because only a new creation can trust in God's redeeming love.