Mark 1:21-22 And they went into Caper'na-um; and immediately on the sabbath he entered the synagogue and taught. And they were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one who had authority, and not as the scribes.

Some times stuff happens, often we never know why, everyone seems to have an opinion, and while they fill up space, they do not fill that desire to know why. No one seems to know why the Space shuttle fell out of the sky, perhaps we will in time - never the less there is a sense of shock, that something like this could happen. And that is something we can talk about, because what is at the core of the shock, is something that affects us all, for we want to believe that we live in an orderly predictable world, some place where things always work the same. And by and large, that is the way life is - but life is not orderly and predictable because we have made it orderly and predictable - life is orderly and predictable because that is the way God made it, and that is the way God preserves it - so much so, that often we forget about the God who has done all this for us, and just look at us.

The problem is that we aren't very good at looking at ourselves, generally we only see what we want to see, and we forget about the pervasive influence on sin upon the world and upon us. It is because of sin that we will one day die - and as much as science and medicine advance, death will still come - as many advances as there are in the fight against disease, we will still get sick, for each new cure is seems there is a new disease waiting for a cure - and the fundamental problem is that we trust and depend on science more than we trust and believe in God. And when you think about it, is kind of funny that we would trust so much in science and technology, when science and technology can do nothing about the pervasive influence of sin upon the world, only Jesus can do something about that.

At the time of the new testament, opinions were perhaps as popular as they are today, and what people were hearing was about the opinions of various people, and things were decided by weighing the opinions on both sides - this is what I think God wants - and into the midst of this world of opinions came Jesus, who did not deal in opinions, but who could say, thus says the Lord - and that was new and astonishing - and something worth paying attention to. And many would have listened just because it was new and novel - many would have listened to anything that was not just another opinion - but there was something more to Jesus, it wasn't opinion it was fact, and it wasn't just fact it was an authority that could do something. It wasn't just an authority that could control other people, it was an authority that could command even demons, something that usually control us, for sin holds us in bondage, and yet Jesus who casts out demons is the one who has cast out the power of sin, and made us a new creation - this isn't opinion, this is fact - this is the stuff that changes lives - this is something your can trust and rely on - that the blood of Jesus washes away all our sin, gives us peace with God, and eternal life. And this is something that puts the order back into our lives - our Savior Jesus Christ.