Luke 2:6-7 And while they were there, the time came for her to be delivered. And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.

Sometimes its important to remember why we have a children's Christmas program, its important to remember, because there is a reason, not only is it fun to tell the story of how the Savior came, but its good, because it brings life and hope and peace - it really is glad tidings of great joy for all people. But there is something more, if we forget that Christ is the heart of Christmas, then it could well happen, that the only thing the children remember is - that there is no room in my head, and I can't remember the words, and I'm not having fun, and I want to go home.

Its an awful thing to know you have a part that you have to memorize, and the harder you work, the more jumbled up in you mind the words get to be - you could end up talking about gold, Frankenstein and purr - swallowing clothes - or the degree that went out from Caesar Disgustus - and then you wonder, why those shepherds, filled with fear, why didn't they go home - but they didn't they went to Bethlehem - they went because they had received good tidings of great joy, the savior had been born in Bethlehem.

Sometimes things don't go right, sometimes we make mistakes, and we feel bad - we didn't want to make mistakes, but sometimes they just happen - and then we need a Savior. We knew it just a minute ago, but our mind went blank - and we forgot - Christ the heart of Christmas - we trusted in ourselves and thought we were so smart - and we fell on our face - and we need a Savior, someone who can forgive us, and give us hope, and make us feel better. There is a wonderful thing that happens when we trust Jesus, when just before our part, we pray - Lord, help me to remember, and to say it right - and Jesus helps us.

We all need a savior, no one is perfect - and that's why we keep telling the story, to remind people what is important - to remind people about Jesus our Savior, and how he brings peace and joy and hope in the forgiveness of our sins. Its such a wonderful thing to be able to tell people who are sad and lonely - don't worry, Jesus loves you, and Jesus will be with you. That's why we have these programs, so our children can experience that great joy of telling people about our Savior.

Sometimes we forget, and we get all wrapped up in lights and trees and presents and parties, and we begin to feel as though something is missing, and it would be better if only we could remember our lines, to remember why this is a season of Joy, and what the good tidings are - sometimes we all forget about the Christ that is at the heart of Christmas - and you know what? Someone comes, and finds us, and gives us a hug and tells us once again about Jesus our Savior, and when remember God's great love, that he would come from heaven, to be born a little baby to save us from our sins - not only do we feel better, but we remember that Jesus is our hope, and peace, our light and our life - for the first Christmas present, is the one gave us in the birth of our Savior.