Luke 1:46-47 And Mary said, "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

Lutherans do not tend to talk much about Mary, but there is something important here, something worthy of consideration, something that can help us, and guide our lives. There are 2 questions that come up as we deal with this text, first is the age old question: what is the center of our life? Second question: how do we respond to God at work in our lives?

It is part of the times, and part of the human condition, that we are not very good at listening, it may be what we are hearing is not very interesting - but I suspect that the chief reason we don't listen well, is that we are impatient, we listen for an opening, a time when we can begin to tell about our favorite thing - there's a funny thing about our favorite thing to talk about, because when you get right down to it, an awful lot of people all like to talk about the same thing - lets talk about me, it may be my stuff, my children, my accomplishments, my work - and its not surprising that talking about me is so central to so many people - because every time we listen to the TV, radio, or read the paper, we keep hearing people talking about themselves. We keep seeing interesting people talking about themselves, and everyone else - they are talking about the interesting people, usually entertainers of some sort (which includes the sports figures). All this talk seems to make these people seem bigger than life - all this talk magnifies their importance, and so they continue to be talked about, there are people whose job it is, is to get people talked about, its called public relations.

This brings us to the 1st question: what's the center of your life? Chances are that all anyone would have to do is to listen to you talk, and they'd learn what was important to you. So, look at today, and consider what you have said - and what is important to you? How often were you talking about God? You see, that is the rather remarkable thing about this text - Mary is not talking about Mary and what Mary has done, she is talking about God and what God has done - God is what's important.

Since we are all sinners, and have all be saved by the blood of Jesus, its not that God has not done some remarkable things for us - but how often do we talk about them? Even though we know that God should be at the center of our life - often he is not. There are 2 responses to this, the 1st and most obvious, is that we see things that aren't right, we set them right, since God is worthy of praise, we ought to praise him. Since God is Lord of all, he ought to be the center of our life - and so we repent. But that is not the remarkable thing, the remarkable thing is that repentance is possible, and perhaps even more remarkable, is even when we have "other gods" (which happen whenever God is not at the center) - God keeps loving us, calling us to repentance that we may be saved, and giving us our daily bread.

So how do we talk about God at work in our lives? We magnify God, and rejoice in our savior, and we recount the blessings he has given us, the mercy he has shown us, and how he has kept His promises to us.

And that is just what Mary does in the poem we call the Magnificat, thatís why its good for us to look at it, for it gives us a good example of how we can talk about God at work in our lives, and keep God at the center.