Matthew 13:52 And he said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old."

We often speak of a Christian as a Child of God, we aren't born that way, but it begins in baptism; when water and the Word wash away our sins and make us a new creation, and there after we daily drown our old sinful nature and rise to live the new life that is ours in Christ. But there is more to being a Christian than just believing, God calls us not only to be disciples, that is one who follows Jesus daily - but to make disciples of all nations. It is in that context that our text speaks of us as scribes trained for the kingdom of heaven. This is why we not only have Sunday School, but Bible class for all ages. This is why the Bible is part of our daily devotions. This is why we read and meditate, and study the Bible all our lives. We want to know more about the God who has loved us, and given his Son to be our savior. We want to be able to tell the good news about Jesus.

We treasure what the Word of God says, and its not something that we learn all at once, its not even something that we can learn all, we keep on learning as long as we keep on studying. Sometimes it can happen that we are reading a passage that we have read countless times before, and we see things in a new way, something we never saw before. That's part of what it means when our text speaks of treasures old and new. Some things we learned and received as children, some things we may have just learned yesterday. Because of the new treasures, for we know that the grace and mercy of God are new every day, we will always have something to say about our God. Part of that is our worship, praise and prayer; and part of it is a tool to help us making disciples of all nations.

It is not hard to speak of the Word of God as our strong heritage and our treasure. It is not hard to hear the other parables, as parables about us and our salvation. So that we would like to imagine that we would sell everything to posses the hidden treasure, or the pearl of great price. Indeed the saints before us often spoke of giving up everything for the sake of the good news that is ours in Jesus Christ. And yet there is a danger, if we focus too much on what we do - a danger that we will not see what God has done, and continues to do for us in Jesus Christ.

You see in most cases, we do not give up everything, we may give up something, even something that we thought was important - but generally we don't give up everything - which should make us pause as we read the pearl of great price, and wonder if perhaps there is something more - what if its God who give us everything, what if this is a way to speak of Jesus sacrifice for our sins - then we become the pearl of great price, and the hidden treasure. God sees something in us that we can't even see in ourselves, and will sacrifice everything in order to free us from sin death and the devil, the things that had possessed us.

Its not hard to look in the mirror of the law and to see our sins and failings, but sometimes it is quite hard to see that God loves us or to understand why God loves us, or to understand why he would send his Son to die for our sins, or to understand why from the cross Jesus would forgive us. Perhaps this is a new treasure for us, to understand that God could love us so much.