Revelation 2:10 Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.

A confirmation verse, is not just empty words, they are not just hopes, but they are a blessing. The power of a blessing is that the words live, and they guide lives. The power of a blessing is that God’s word delivers what it promises. But God’s promise is greater than any blessing we can imagine.

On the face of it, the text looks like many of the things we often see – if you do this, I’ll do that – a simple bargain. There are many who would make such deals with God – the problem is that we rarely keep our part – and what we want from God we want now.

We are not very good at being patient, nor are we good at being faithful. Many have even forgotten what it means to be faithful. People who are faithful are loyal, they stick with it no matter what. People who are faithful don’t grumble, they believe, even when they can’t see how things will work out. People who are faithful remain faithful day in and day out.

Let us ever walk with Jesus - that’s how the hymn goes. Did you ever really think what that means? We might feel good sometimes, because we can look at some people and say to ourselves that they say, Let us never walk with Jesus. So we say to ourselves, Well, at least I sometimes walk with Jesus. Being faithful means that not only do we sing, Let us ever walk with Jesus – but that we mean what we sing.

Life is always changing –

Sometimes it seems like there is a drought - Let us ever walk with Jesus

Sometimes there is hail – Let us ever walk with Jesus

Sometimes things are very hard – Let us ever walk with Jesus

Sometimes things are very good – Let us ever walk with Jesus

Sometimes we grow old and weak – Let us ever walk with Jesus

Sometimes we sin – Let us ever walk with Jesus

How can we remain faithful through all the times of our life?

That’s the kind of faith that God works, we are faithful not because we are so strong, but by grace through faith, beginning in the waters of baptism God works a change in us, he makes us a new creation – God makes us his children, God gives us a faith that continues to hold to his gracious promises.

But the best thing of all is that even when we are not faithful, God remains faithful, and continues to call us to life and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes people wonder why some people live so long – there’s really nothing to wonder about, all you have to do is listen, and as you listen to these saints of God, the one thing you hear from them, the one thing that you find at the bottom of all their stories, is their great certainty and hope in the faithfulness of God, in the grace that has forgiven their sins, in the peace that comes know that not only has God provided daily bread these many years, but that God in Christ will continue to provide for them through all eternity.

Let us ever walk with Jesus, Follow His example pure,
Flee the world, which would deceive us, And to sin our souls allure.
Ever in His footsteps treading, Body here, yet soul above,
Full of faith and hope and love, Let us do the Father's bidding.
Faithful Lord, abide with me; Savior, lead, I follow Thee.