Genesis 3:15 I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel."

We never did it that way before – when was the first time this might have been used, right after sin entered into the world – sin changed things. Imagine have food to eat without working, imagine gardening without weeds, imagine no pests which need control. Things were different before sin, and these days when things sometimes don’t make sense – it is important that we realize the first place to look, is that many of these things are the result of original sin – which continues to affect us today, and will continue to affect the world until it ends. We need to listen closely because tells us about many of these changes – there will be no medical miracle that permits people to live forever – sin is here, we are all sinners and the wages of sin is death – and nothing we can do can change this. Let me repeat, nothing we can do can change this! We can fight against it, we can try to deny it, but we cannot change it.

Sin is in the world, and one small way that it affect us has to do with snakes. Its why some people dislike snakes – because God made us that way, not in the beginning but after sin entered the world. But not only do we dislike snakes, but they dislike us. Not only do snakes dislike us, but God tells us that snakes are out to get us, as it were. And if you are thinking that there are exceptions to this rule, then it is important to remember that these words are not directed at snakes in general, but at Satan in particular. And there is no doubt that Satan is out to get us, he might make promises, he might seem to be helpful, he might even offer us the world – but as the Word of God reminds us, what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world in exchange for his soul.

Do you understand that question – many people don’t – they think if they got the whole world, that would be a good trade – but, Satan never mentions that the world that he offers doesn’t last forever, he doesn’t mention that the world that he offers is coming to an end – he doesn’t say anything about all the signs that suggest that we are in the last days – and Satan doesn’t mention that the soul we would give up is our eternal soul. Think about it, suppose you need a battery, its brand new, but the warranty expires tomorrow – how much is such a thing really worth, is it worth giving up eternal life?

Things look bad. Sin is in the world, there is nothing we can do about it. Death is in the world, and there is nothing we can do about that. The devil is in the world, and there is little we can do by ourselves. As sinners we are already doomed – spiritually blind, spiritually dead, and enemies of God – is there any hope?

Yes! There is hope, the hope is not in what we can do, but in what God promises to us poor miserable sinners. God promises to crush the power of sin, death and the devil. This is the first Gospel promise, the first mention of a Savior. People believed this promise of a coming savior, and they looked to him for the forgiveness of their sins, and they were saved. It’s a tough life if that’s all you’ve got, but God provided for those people – so that when you consider how much we have and how rich God’s word is among us, that one might say – we’ve got it easy.

And yet, we still look for the coming of the Savior. During Advent we prepare not only for Christmas, the first coming of our Savior – who left a perfect life in heaven to come to earth, to suffer and to die to pay for our sins and to purchase and win for us forgiveness – but we also prepare for his second coming, we prepare in the same way people have done in all times, we encourage one another with the promises of God, and we tell the good news to those who do not know.

The good news is that Jesus has won the victory, and that he gives the full and complete salvation to us, and to all who hold to the promise of God.