John 15:9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love.

The reason there is love in this world, is because God so loved the world, all the love we know is a reflection and the result of God’s great love for us in Jesus Christ. The love the Lesa and Nate have for each other is there because God has loved them first.

If, as the song says, that in this very room, there is more than enough love for all of us, the question is, how can this love fill our lives every day, and chase away any gloom? We know this is the love of God which is ours in Jesus Christ. We know that God is present everywhere, in this very room, and whenever 2 or more are gathered in his name. We know that this day is very special, but how does one abide in Jesus love, and why is it that sometimes it seems like there is not enough love?

We know that nothing can separate us from the love of God which is ours in Christ Jesus, neither height nor depth, neither thrones, dominions, or powers – the love of God is eternal, it never ends – but we separate ourselves from the love of God, we separate ourselves from the love of God because we sin, and sin separate us from the love of God, sin makes us enemies of God.

And that is why that sometimes it seems that there is not enough love, because we have separated ourselves by sin from God – the problem is that often we cannot see what the problem is, and that is why, in God’s wisdom, he determined that we should not be alone. For if we are not alone, there is someone who can guide us back to the love of God which is ours in Jesus Christ; to lead us in the way of repentance, and bring to us the words of forgiveness – that the love may return to our lives.

A day will come when Nate will come home, and there will be no smile on his face, and he will seem like a stranger – sin can do such things, but in Christ we have forgiveness of sins, and it is important to guide him to those gracious promises.

A day will come when Lesa will come home …

A day may even come when neither Nate nor Lesa think there is enough love, …. And it will be important at that time that you, their friends and family, guide them back to the love of God which is ours in Jesus Christ. That’s why you are here, that’s what God has given you to do.

That’s how we abide in the Love of Christ – remembering that he has showered upon all, more than enough love, and if we cannot see that love – then we need examine ourselves, for sin has separated us from that everlasting love. And as bad as sin is, there is something that is even better – which is the forgiveness of sins.

Forgiveness is what makes us a new creation, for when we are forgiven are sins are washed away – they are removed as far as the east is from the west – they are forgiven and God remembers them no more. Forgiveness is the heart which beats with the love of God in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is the foundation, not only of faith, but of every lasting marriage.

Forgiveness does not keep a record of wrongs – that’s what love is – that’s how marriages last – that’s how there can be more than enough love, for everyone.

It would be wonderful, if once we had experienced the love of God in Jesus Christ, that we could remain, never leaving the shelter of that redeeming love – but, its even better, that God knowing our faults, has provided forgiveness as a way to restore us to his love, life is about growing in this love -–and that is why life is such a good thing, for the love you know this day, is only a taste of the everlasting love which is ours in Christ.