Luke 5:10b-11 And Jesus said to Simon, "Do not be afraid; henceforth you will be catching men. And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed him.

There are 3 universal truths to fishing. You need to be where the fish are, you need to know how to get the fish on the line, and you need to know how to land the fish. All 3 most work together, its no fun at all to go fishing, and have some one telling you as you troll along, fish at 30 feet, fish at 35 feet, fish at 32 feetÖ. If those fish donít bite, after you try everything youíve got, the last thing to do is - throw in the person who has found for you all the fish that arenít hungry. If a fish finder canít find the fish that are biting, what good is it? Perhaps that is why it is so common for fishermen to fish away from home, if youíve lived there all your life, you just know there arenít any fish there, and its not worth the time.

In our lesson, Jesus got into a fishermanís boat, and had him put out a little way, so Jesus could preach to the crowd, the fisherman had no problem with this, and it made sense, the hillside made for a natural amphitheater and voices travel well across the water. And so Jesus taught the people from the boat. After a time he was done, and he told the fisherman to go out into the deep waters to catch some fish. Problem was that the fisherman knew thatís not where the fish would be found; and he said as much. And yet, there was something, so that he added, at your word I will let down the net.

There were so many fish in the net, that he called the other boat, and even between the 2 boats, there were so many fish that both boats were filled to the point of sinking. It would be safe to say that they had never caught fish before like they did that day. And Jesus said to them, do not be afraid, henceforth you will be catching men. And when they got the boats to land, they left everything and followed him.

Often we look at this as a nice story that really doesnít have anything to do with us today. We know that missions are overseas, we know that all the fish around here, have already been caught. And we believe that Jesus call to be fisherís of men was spoken to someone else, maybe to pastors, but certainly not to us.

Are there waters?

What brings the fish?

Have we nets?

Its one thing to say you have faith, it is quite another to put that fiath to the test, to live by faith and to really trust in God Ė but when we do, we are never disappointed. When we follow our savior, our lives are always filled with blessings.