John 6:68 Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life;

In the course of life, there are many places where we turn for comfort. When we were young, it might have been a teddy bear, or a security blanket – something familiar, when we were frightened or unsure. Something we could hold all night long. Something that said, you are not alone. And we imagined that these things could keep us safe – not that there was any real danger, but whether is was the dark of night, the monsters we read might be under the bed, or thunder and lightning, or things that go bump in the night – we instinctively knew that darkness was not our friend, it was something to flee, something that was not good – something that could swallowed up even the little night light.

You see, everyone is born with a knowledge of the law – the law shows us our sins – the law tells us that the wages of sin is death – and because we see our sins, we are afraid of death, we are afraid of the night, and we are afraid of God. And so we find these things which we hold on to, and we look to them to give us comfort. We hope that they will keep us safe, and make the darkness go away. And in the course of time, we out grow them – we outgrow them, as we come to realize that they cannot keep us safe. And so we look for answers, for new things which could keep us safe, for something that could take away the darkness that comes from sin. But by ourselves we seem never to find anything that lasts. And it is not just us, this is everyone in the world.

We all see our sin – things we trust in, but which cannot save, and do not offer lasting comfort. And so does God, he knows our sin, and he knows our need – and he comes to us with good news of a savior – good news about forgiveness of God, peace, and everlasting life. God comes to us, not in visions, but through people – especially our parents, who tell us of something that can keep us safer than a teddy bear, and shine brighter than any night light – they tell us about Jesus, and how he loves us, and how he paid the price to give us forgiveness of sins. Our parents tell us how we were baptized, and how that water with the Word washed away all our sins, and made us a new creation, and how that opened for us the gates to heaven, a perfect place that God has prepared especially for us, which is filled with all kinds of good things.

And so we come to know the way of salvation, which is by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, and it is a great comfort and a wonderful hope. And if this were a fairy tale, we would stop with the words – and thy all lived happily ever after. But the problem is, that in subtle ways, and through devious means – there are things which enter our lives, promising comfort, and seeking to take the place of Jesus our Savior. And it is hard to hear that we have been unfaithful, but we heard those words, here is something you can do – and it sounded good to take control of our life – and we did not even realize that it was evil – we did not see that we were telling Jesus we don’t need you any more, we can do it ourselves – but it happened - - and the words of the law spoke to us again, and showed us our sin. And we were discouraged, and it hurt to see our sin.

And that is why many, on hearing that Jesus was the bread of life turned away – but not the disciples – they saw their sins, but they also saw the need for their savior – which is why the words have echoed across the centuries – Lord, to whom should we go, you have the Words of Eternal Life.

This is why we believe that Jesus is our savior, and this is why we share our hope with all, so that all might find the lasting comfort which only comes in Jesus Christ.