John 6:26-27 Jesus answered them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of man will give to you; for on him has God the Father set his seal."

What did you see? Thats the question the answer is, that the people saw the bread, but they didnt see the sign. The event is the feeding of the 5000, what is it all about? Sure the people ate and were satisfied, but the point is that this was a sign, it point to something and now Jesus tells everyone what it points to it points to the fact that Jesus is the one who was promised, the Savior of the world, the prophet like Moses who would bring the people into the promised land the new promised land of eternal life.

The problem is, that because we dont see our sins, we dont see a need for a savior. And because we do admit our mortality, we dont see a need for eternal life. We dont think we need what Jesus has to offer. Who do we trust in? Perhaps its doctors, this week our government approved guidelines on how we can kill one group of people in the hopes of making others live longer, while the government wont pay for the actual killing they will pay for the subsequent research. And they admit that this is just a first step puts a new twist on that question, who is going to be the survivor? Will medicine be the thing that makes us, the survivor?

Others think the answer is money and so if you were to ask Who wants to be a millionaire? You expect everyone to say I do! What will you do to get it? Just about anything it seems that money can bring out the worst in people. There is nothing inherently evil about money - its just a tool and that is the problem, because there is a great deal of difference between having a tool, and knowing how to use it? Do we trust in wealth, will it be our savior? Will it bring us something which lasts?

We generally dont think that there is a problem of hunger in this country the pictures of starving people we see are usually somewhere else. And yet we know its here, perhaps weve heard stories of people who are faced with the choice of buying food, or the medicine they need.

Hunger, whether its food or something else that we desire, we tell ourselves, if only we had this, then life would be perfect. And so it is that we spend our lives working for something that doesn't satisfy, that doesn't last we spend the one thing that is truly irreplaceable the time God has given us and have nothing lasting to show for it.

Today, God gives us a clear sign Jesus is the one! Whatever you were looking for what Jesus brings is better and lasts longer.

Im not saying that Jesus will help you catch more fish

Im not saying that Jesus will cure whatever ails you

Im not saying that Jesus will make you a millionaire, or the survivor

Im not even saying that Jesus will make your dreams come true

Those are all things which perish they are old values.

Jesus brings us something that lasts forever.

Jesus brings us the forgiveness of sins that lasts forever.

Jesus brings us peace with God that lasts forever.

Jesus brings us a full and complete salvation that lasts forever.

Jesus brings us a purpose, to this day and to every day,

a reason why we exist,

a reason why what we do matters

for not only does Jesus bring us everlasting life, but he brings us life now

Dont worry about your belly, feed your soul

See your sins, turn from your sins, and turn to the Savior

He is waiting for you, and he has everything we need.

And that is what we are supposed to see our Savior!