Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD;

Who is number one? This is probably the most researched, most asked question today – and it seems to be important because everyone would like to be number one. Basketball, baseball, gold and tennis – that’s why you watch, because even if you knew who was number one, it may change today. You would think in politics, it would all be decided by one vote, in November, but the campaign is week after week of polls, all asking the same question – who’s #1? We even keep score when fishing – its not enough that you go out and catch fish, how many did you catch, and how many were keepers? And then there is business, its not enough to make a living and provide for your family – who made the most? Its funny, because it seems that it is not enough to have friends, who is you best friend? With everyone competing to be #1, is it any wonder than many discover that they just don’t have time for God – he wants to be #1 too.

How do we learn this? We are taught. Usually its our parents to teach us these things, if its sports, often our parents team becomes our team – they teach us what it means to be a good fan. How do you know a fan? Often all you have to do is open your eyes – and there is the cap, and the shirt, and the jacket and all the other fan paraphernalia, you don’t even have to ask – they tell the world – my team is #1! And its not just an outward appearance, its inward, it encompasses their whole lives, and they store up knowledge about what ever it is that is n#1 in their life.

Now, if there is one thing we are to teach our children, it is that God is one. Nothing comes before him – and if we are fans of anything – we are fans of God, before all else. And the Bible even tells us of the fan paraphernalia – there is something for your door, and something for your forehead, and something for your wrist – so that the most important thing in the universe is before you where ever you go. And where ever you go, whatever the time, there is always something to talk about – and that is the awesome God, who is our God.

So what do you know about God – God is one, and at the same time he is 3 persons.