Acts 4:25-26 Why did the Gentiles rage, and the peoples imagine vain things? The kings of the earth took their stand, and the rulers have gathered together against the Lord and against his Annointed.

Itís like to begin this morning with the question posed by the 3 little pigs, "Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?" They believed that their house could keep them safe, for though the wolf could blow down a house of straw, and also a house of sticks Ė the wolf could not blow down the house of bricks Ė the moral being: "Build better houses!" And yet it said more than that, for it said, with hard work you can save yourself, perhaps, even save the world. We donít here much more about the 3 little pigs, I have a suspicion that the wolf finally got them. You see, they didnít have a good shepherd. Being pigs, I guess they thought they didnít need one.

You see, there is a very real war, and there are very real wolves, looking for someone to devour. Evil thought it could destroy Godís plan of salvation by killing the Savior of the world. After all Jesus did die, and afterwards, even the disciples were afraid. But Jesus rose from death, evil did not win Ė but by his death, Jesus conquered sin, death and the devil Ė all the powers of evil.

Yet even after Jesus resurrection, evil is still out there, taking its stand against the church. It all began with a lame man, begging at the gate to the temple. And the power of God was at work in St. Peter, who said "Silver and gold I have none, but such that I have I give freely, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk." Then came the sermon, and at the end 5,000 came to faith. Well, the wolves didnít like this, and they gathered together, had Peter and John arrested, and commanded them that they should no longer teach about Jesus.

If you donít have a good shepherd, if it is up to you to save yourself, and if the same people who had crucified Jesus came and told you to stop doing these thing OR ELSE! What would you do? Peter and John, went and told the church, and the church gathered together in prayer Ė and God answered the prayer of the church, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they were of one heart and one soul Ė Why? Because the good shepherd had called, gathered, enlightened and sanctified them, and he would keep them in true faith unto life everlasting.

You see, there is nothing wrong with building better houses. But there is something wrong about trying to save yourself. There is nothing wrong about building better houses, but there is something dangerous about building on the wrong foundation Ė for there is no other foundation, at least when in comes to the church and salvation Ė than Jesus Christ. There is nothing wrong about wanting to feel secure, for there are wolves out there, but unless you are under the protection of the good shepherd, you really donít have any real protection.

And there is one more thing. When Jesus calls us, and the Spirit works faith in our heart, we are born again, we are transformed Ė we become the children of God, we become the Good Shepherds little lambs.

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? We are, when ever we are away from the good shepherd, and rightly so. So, when we see the wolf, what do we do? We run to our Savior, the good shepherd, because we know when we are with Jesus we are safe, Jesus keeps us safe, because he is our good shepherd.