In working the church, you will hear any number of excuses why people fall away, often it has something to do with what somebody else did to them, something they cannot forgive, which is sad, since we are all human, and the gospel is the good news of the forgiveness of sins which is ours in Jesus Christ. It is that love of God which puts love in our lives, and makes us want to reach out to others. I suppose that is how I became involved with the Red Cross.

I've been a Red Cross volunteer for a number of years, and worn a variety of hats, chapter chairman, disaster instructor and even served on the National Convention Resolutions committee. The heart of the Red Cross are the volunteers, people helping people. Sadly, the world can be very much like the church, and people hang on to hurts, and fail to notice the good things all around them. I'm sorry these people can't forgive, and won't forget; but I'll repeat it once more, the heart of the Red Cross is the volunteers, people caring about people in need. The medals badges and pins in my collection are one way I remember the many people I have met and worked with. Many of these items were given for the work I had done, many more came by trading with other volunteers.

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The International Federation of
Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

is the world's largest humanitarian organization,
with 178 member National Societies.

Red Cross Medals of the World

is a selection of the medals that these societies have issued

American Red Cross Trading page

is a selection of ARC pins I have available for trade

Red Cross Mystery Medals

is a selection of the medals that are in need of identification
you assistance is requested

Medals Trading

is a selection of various medals I have available for trade

The Universal symbol on the Red Cross,
is a Red Cross of with equal arms upon a white field
in 1876 the Ottoman Empire adopted a Red Crescent,
which was approved in 1906 and other Moselm countries have followed this
Also approved in 1906 at the request of Iran, a Red Lion and a Red Sun, and
although in 1980 the Isalmic Republic of Iran switched to Red Crescent,
at Siam's request in 1906 a Red Flame was approved, although it was never used;
Israel uses a Red Shield (Star) of David, even though it has not been approved.

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