The Music of Rev. Richard A Jordan

is where I will tell you about my music and the influences that have shaped it.

was created because hymns should play a central part in Christian life, unforunately our media today rarely play Lutheran hymns, so we came up with this remedy

was formed because American Lutherans switched from German to English rather quickly using the translations that were available at the time, we have not really considered the wealth of material we left behind, nor has there been any concerted effort at translating it so we might sing these treasures in English today. This site seeks to stimulate thought and discussion and identification of hymns most in need of translation

Festive Organ Hymns

are my recordings on 16 CD's of my own arrangements of traditional Lutheran hymns. They were done as instrumental pieces so they might serve 3 purposes:
1. so that people could hear hymns throughout the day, as backround music that encourages, and
2. so that there might be something that you could sing along to, and
3. so that people might see that organ music and traditional hymns are neither dull or boring.
Some of these arrangements have come out as sheet music, well 7 books so far.

The Celtic Organ

came from my love of traditional Irish music, and that I could not find any that had been arranged for organ. The premise, Turlough O'Carolan, the irish harper lived at about the same time as JS Bach - so why not arrange Irish music in the style of Bach. It provided such fun that 5 CD's have been released, and some of these arrangements have also come out as sheet music, 2 books so far.

Early Influences on my Music

to be developed

Some Thoughts on Hymns and Church Music

to be developed

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